Retirement Income Planning

It is a challenging time. All the economic ups and downs can make anyone anxious. Let me help you take some of the anxiousness out of your retirement. I can help you develop a coordinated retirement income plan that focuses on balancing safety and income.

Key risks that affect retirement:

  • Longevity: Many people underestimate their life span and risk outliving their assets.
  • Health Care Expenses: Rising health care costs coupled with inadequate health care coverage can have a devastating effect on a retirement plan.
  • Inflation and Taxation: Inflation and taxation increases costs and may erode the value of assets set aside to meet those costs.
  • Asset Allocation: Overly conservative or aggressive asset allocation increases risk of inadequate retirement assets.
  • Withdrawal Rate: Aggressive withdrawal rates increase likelihood retirees will deplete their assets prematurely.

Your retirement is too important to leave to guesswork. I can help you protect your retirement from those retirement risks.