Smart Solutions for Small Business Owners

If you own or manage a small business, you want to plan for the future, take control of your finances and fix problems that impedes your business. We never plan to make mistakes. There are six mistakes that consistently cause businesses to fail. You need to know what they are and to avoid them.

  • Protecting your business against the financial hardships of death and disability.
  • Creating personal benefit plans for you the business owner.
  • Assist you in retaining your key employees.

Buy-Sell Planning: Planning for and protecting ownership in the event of death or disability.
Key Person Insurance: Protecting against the loss of indispensible employees.
Executive Bonus Plans: Popular technique to attract and retain key employees.
Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans: A key benefit to attract and reward employees and to protect the business owner’s retirement.
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans: A powerful incentive in retaining executives.

I understand the unique challenges that small business owners face. I have been helping local business owners for many years with advice and expertise based upon real world experience. I can help you identify, anticipate and offer solutions to avoid the six mistakes that cause businesses to fail.